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4 Star Stories presents...

The Short Short Story Issue 3

In this special issue of 4 Star Stories we meet aliens and travel through time and space. And we do it all in more or less than 1,000 words! Woosh!

If you have a minute or two – we have a story for you!

In Short Short Story Issue 3 of 4 Star Stories we are proud to present:

Rob Darnell's "The Infected"

Martin Lochman's "Going with the Flow"

Malena Salazar Maciá’s "Endless Inn"

Rie Sheridan Rose's "A Final Checkmate"

James Rumpel's "The Games Aliens Play"

Hajime Saito's "The Thinning Equations"

Sou Saito's "Abductions"




The Editors

4 Star Stories


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